FoRe! Guardian Program

FoRe! Guardians


A Program FoRe! men who
women who have been
affected by Adversity


Men, who walk through the healing journey with women who have been affected by Domestic-Sexual abuse, are very unique.  This program is designed to assist with the journey, giving men the tools they need to remain focused, on the goal.  This program elevates those who are trust worthy gentlemen - strong enough, brave enough, and wise enough to Protect * Serve * Promote * Elevate, women overcoming all odds. This can be a, friend, wife, mother, sister, aunt, cousin, girlfriend. . . 

Upon appointment, FoRe! Guardians are assigned to a FoRe! Charity Team, Charity Division, and/or Program to assist in their efforts Nationally, Internationally, and Universally.  Only the strong are able!  Only the brave are eligible!  Only the wise are worthy!

FoRe! Guardian Program

UFL Guardian Timothy Exley

(Programs focusing Universally)

Guardians making an affect worldwide
(Programs focusing Internationally)
Guardians assigned to work in foreign countries
(Programs focusing within a country)
Guardians devoted to one's own nation's interests

FoRe! Guardian Resource Partners

The White Ribbon Campaign
"Our strength is not for hurting"


Law Enforcement DV Information


Raising Awareness * Elevating & Empowering * Promoting Education
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