A make-over program illustrating the talents
of Cosmetic Artisans in the community. 
"FACES" participants are joining
 ‘FoRe! International’
to 'Change The Face Of Abuse' while raising
awareness and enabling representatives to
communicate and serve as a vital resource
regarding our Charity TEAMS.


Mrs US Ambassador™


Lady Rebecca Lawlor 
International Spokeswoman

FoRe! FACES Registration

Maria Brame DiGiovanni

Lt: Overcoming now  -  Rt: Surviving 1996

A FUNdRaiser(the 'd' is silent)
FoRe! our Charity TEAMs

As a survivor, I often wondered what other survivors looked like, since perpetrators use our silence to keep us from talking. FACES was birthed out of finally being able to see my own reflection, as I moved from being a survivor, to overcoming the effects of Domestic-Sexual abuse. Thank you for your consideration, in changing the lives, of those affected by the pain of abuse. By partnering with us, you are choosing to make dreams come true in the lives, this program touches. My name is Maria DiGiovanni, Founder of FoRe!, and I want to thank you for helping us Change The Face Of Abuse.~MariaBrame DiGiovanni, FoRe! Founder

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