International FoRe! Association - GREECE

FoRe! Greece


Kallipopi Vartholomou
International Board Member - Greece
President, FoRe! Greece
International Events & Marketing 
Universal FoRe! Ambassador
Appointed September 2010
Ms. Ambassador FoRe! Greece

Takis Drossos

 Panagiotis Drossos
International Board Member - Greece
Vice President, FoRe! Greece 
International Photographer
Universal FoRe! Guardian
Appointed March 2001

 Connie Karavantes Salamy 
International FoRe! Ambassador
Appointed Aug 2015
Ms. US Ambassador FoRe! Greece 


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FoRe! GREECE has locked arms and joined voices, raising awareness and promoting education, with the "Child Support Foundation". 
'FoRe! Nicole Campaign' = assisting shelters worldwide, to honor Nicole Brown's silenced voice. Raising the volume 'FoRe! Nicole'.  Nicole Brown, was killed on June 12, 1994, in which her ex-husband OJ Simpson, was found liable for her death.


Searching For Angela Shelton
 Searching FoRe! Angela 
FoRe! focusing on promoting the documentary  
in other Countries, starting in Greece.
International Fundraiser
Launching FoRe! Greece

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Raising Awareness * Elevating & Empowering * Promoting Education
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