FoRe! Ambassadors


FoRe! Ambassadors

A FoRe! Ambassador's appointed role is to promote diplomatic relationships worldwide. Our Ambassadors are Spokesmodels FoRe! our Charity Teams and Diplomats FoRe! HIM.  When you see yourself as 'God's Ambassador' (having nothing to do with religion), it changes the way you think and act. It changes the way you approach people and how you treat yourself.  FoRe! Ambassadors are... A FoRce To Promote Action™!

You are the daughter of The King and HIS Bride. 
When you humble yourself before HIM you exchange 
ashes FoRe! your Crown Of Beauty. 
Beauty FoRe! A Purpose

Universal Ambassadors


Lady Maria DiGiovanni
Ms Ambassador™ - Appointed January 2008, FoRe! Ambassador since 2005
Ms. DiGiovanni is the President/CEO of FoRe! International
Invested as Dame in The Order of Saint Helen, on 31 May 2009,
Ambassador Grand Dame - Greece on 21 July 2010
Commander and Chancellor of The Order of Saint Helen USA on 7 Aug 2011
Commander and Chancellor of The Order of Saint Helen North America on 8 Jan 2013
Universal FoRe! League Ambassador FoRe! LEO PTSD - BRAME.BIZ / 'Charity TEAMs'.
Ms Becky Christensen
Ms. Ambassador
FoRe! Ambassador since 2012
and Universal Spokesmodel FoRe! The American Cowboy
Lady Rebecca Lawlor
Ms. Ambassador 
Investiture & Crowning: October 2011
UFL Ambassador - Appointed June 2011/FoRe! Ambassador since 2005
Mrs. Lawlor is the Director/Founder of The Hearts of Hope Foundation,
 CEO of Rebecca Lawlor Limited

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International Ambassadors


Ms Connie Karavantes Salamy
Ms US Ambassador
FoRe! Ambassador since 2014
and US Spokesmodel FoRe! Greece

Lady Susan Sengezer
Ms. US Ambassador
FoRe! Ambassador since 2013
and US Spokesmodel FoRe! Domestic Violence
Ms Marie Waldrep
Ms. US Ambassador
FoRe! Ambassador since 2013
and US Spokesmodel FoRe! PTSD

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National Ambassadors

Ms Michelle Romano
Ms Los Angeles Ambassador 
FoRe! Ambassador since 2015
CA Spokeperson FoRe! Anti-Bullying & CEO of Roman Enterprise
Ms Cate Murphy
Ms California Ambassador 
FoRe! Ambassador since 2013
CA Spokeperson FoRe! the Homeless
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