Angela Shelton

Angela Shelton
producer of the award-winning documentary
"Searching for Angela Shelton"

Angela Shelton

In 2001, Angela Shelton, actress, comedian, and screenwriter (best known for Tumbleweeds), set out to create a documentary of American women’s experiences by interviewing those who shared her name. She went on the road in a rented motor home with a small crew to interview Angela Shelton’s across the US. Unexpectedly, she found that 70% of the Angela Shelton’s she encountered had been victims of rape, childhood sexual assault and/or domestic violence. This surprising journey also led Angela to confront her own abusive past. 

Angela has received a certificate of appreciation from the United States Justice Department for her work and dedication on behalf of America's crime victims. She was also presented the Voice of Courage award from Darkness to Light, an organization with the goal of ending childhood sexual abuse. And she received the Award for Distinguished Service and Excellence in Film Media from The Leadership Council for Child Abuse and Interpersonal Violence and the Family Violence and Sexual Assault Institute.

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Survival Manual
Angela has appeared on Oprah and  48 Hours Investigates. An exclusive version of her documentary, "Searching for Angela Shelton" aired on Lifetime TV.  In addition, Angela stars as the Safe Side Super Chick superhero who teaches children how to be safe in the Safe Side video series created by Baby Einstein creator Julie Clark and America's Most Wanted creator, John Walsh. She won a regional Emmy for her performance in this video series.
An excellent example of a "Warrior Queen"

The multi-award winning documentary,"Searching For Angela Shelton" has started a grassroots movement aimed at inspiring and empowering survivors of abuse to heal and lead joyful lives. With the attention she has received from her documentary, she is working to support and connect domestic violence and sexual abuse prevention organizations, worldwide. She also wrote a book on these experiences, "Finding Angela Shelton".


"Finding Angela Shelton" is a memoir of courage, survival and faith. It is the journey of a young woman who discovers herself in the stories of other women who share her same name and coincidentally share experiences of violence and abuse that plagued her own childhood. Through her physical journey across the United States she is thrust into her own emotional journey. She embraces each woman she meets, is strengthened by their connections, confronts the father that molested her, and ultimately finds faith, divine purpose, and wholeness.  Through it all the creation of the 'Survival Manual' was completed. 
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