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Artists, Musicians, Actors, Writers, Models, Locking Arms and Joining Voices, to End Domestic-Sexual Abuse.

"Angela traveled the United States interviewing other Angela Sheltons for her documentary “Searching for Angela Shelton.” She discovered that 70% had been victims of rape, childhood sexual abuse and/or domestic violence. Her discovery propelled her into a life of teaching trauma and recovery while continuing to write and act. Angela is dedicated to helping bring awareness to the very old epidemic of abuse and now speaks to audiences worldwide about unity, healing, and living joyful lives in the face of violence."

It was because of this film that Maria DiGiovanni Googled her legal last name "Brame", to find Crystal Judson Brame's story, which was hauntingly familiar to her.  Now, she is an overcomer who speaks out FoRe! those who have been silenced by abuse! 

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