Charity TEAMs

Accountable and qualified Charity TEAMs(Together Everyone Achieves More) hand selected to lock arms and join voices with in order to raise the volume Universally.  They are  assisted as well as promoted and encouraged to continue doing the work they do, along with our Divisions, and to provide the support needed to the CEO to move FoRe!ward.  

FoRe! Charity TEAMs have access to our exclusive 'Living Royal' auxiliary services; responsible for assisting with the scheduling, planning, and execution of all promotional events sponsored by our TEAMs.  We are committed to ensure that our services provide elegant, memorable events, delivered as a fun, creative, networking function, executed within the Team's budget.  Remember with TEAMwork = Together Everyone Achieves More!
TEAMs FoRe! Charity


Hearts of Hope Foundation, Inc.
CEO, Rebecca Lawlor,Bringing Hope to Abused Children
A FoRe! Honorary Charity Team focusing on ways to give back to children who have been abused.
Charity Team FoRe! Children


Man Up Crusade
More information coming soon. . . 


Safe Passage
More information coming soon. . . 


W.I.N. Hellas
More information coming soon. . . 


Abused Women and Children Hostel
Heraklion, Crete, Greece
CEO Mary Pahiadaki, ASSOCIATION OF MEMBERS OF HERAKLION FEMALE BOARDS: An International FoRe! Charity Team focusing on offering hospitality to women and their children that have suffered any kind of violence (psychological, economical, sexual, physical) by their father, husband, partner, brother or friend.

Charity Team 'FoRe! Nicole Campaign' = assisting shelters worldwide, to honor Nicole Brown's silenced voice. Raising the volume 'FoRe! Nicole'.  Nicole Brown, was killed on June 12, 1994, in which her ex-husband OJ Simpson, was found liable for her death.


Crime Survivors
CEO, Patricia Wenskunas
Providing Support and Guidence to Survivors
A FoRe! Charity Team focusing on ensuring the public knows victims' rights and needs and to provide resources, support, and information to empower crime victims to survive and thrive. 
Charity Team FoRe! Victims/Survivors Services.

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The Royal Order of Constantine The Great and of Saint Helen
330AD - Present



Taking applications now. . . 

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