'A Heart FoRe!. . . ' Campaign

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'A Heart FoRe! ...' Campaign

In the span of 5 months, 3 true examples of FoRe! Jr. Ambassadors lost their lives, which birthed the idea of the 'A Heart FoRe! ...' Campaign.   FoRe! BtG went to Rebecca Lawlor Limited(RLL) and a partnership for this special 'Charity FUNdraiser', was formed.   Rebecca Lawlor Limited has also agreed to share a portion of the proceeds to; their Charity of Choice - the Hearts of Hope Foundation, FoRe!'s Charity of Choices, and to the Charity 'A Heart FoRe! ...' has been named and their own awareness ribbon assigned.  It's our goal to partner up with chosen like minded TEAMs with Purpose, who want to Raise Awareness, Promote Education, and keep A Heart beat going FoRe! a Cause.  And the most incredible thing is this...each RLL Heart is Hand Crafted and Created Individually, representing God's refining Love, FoRe! You.  

May these hearts continue to inspire us to Live today as if it is our last and to sparkle and shine while we do it! 

~FoRe! the Hearts of Hope Foundation

'A Heart FoRe! Greece' Birth date 09.04.16

'A Heart FoRe! Greece'
This Rebecca Lawlor Limited Signature piece is dedicated to assisting Greece from the outside in. The Signature clear heart comes with a unique blue and while colored ribbons designated especially FoRe! Greece.

Birth Date - 11.12.13
'A Heart FoRe! Heros'

'A Heart FoRe! Israel'

'A Heart FoRe! . . . '

'A Heart FoRe! Domestic Violence''

'A Heart FoRe! Survivorsl'

'A Heart FoRe! Anna'

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'A Heart FoRe! Danielle' Birth date 9.15.12, TX

'A Heart FoRe! Danielle'
This Rebecca Lawlor Limited Signature piece is dedicated to the passion and life of Danielle. The Signature clear heart comes with a unique pink colored ribbon designated especially FoRe! Danielle

'A Heart FoRe! Danielle'
"Thanksgiving 2011, a piece of my heart found it's way to Heaven. And, although I know I can not be rejoined with her until God chooses, RLL has found a way that I may share the love I carry for my one and only child, with you. As Danielle's heart was 'one of a kind', each RLL Signature Heart used to create 'A Heart FoRe! Danielle' is one of a kind. Each Heart is created by hand, one by one, just as God crreates our hearts uniquely individually, and one of a kind. Danielle touched all who graced her life and now you too can know what it is like to "Live With A Heart FoRe! Danielle".

Thank you for supporting the memory of Danielle by learning to "Live With A Heart FoRe! Danielle". ~Nipal Bellmonde"

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Thank you so much for your interest in 'A Heart FoRe!...' Campaigns
Each Rebecca Lawlor Limited Signature Heart is Hand Crafted and made to order.
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