FoRe! Charity Divisions are brought to you by our Ambassadors and will be supported as well as promoted and encouraged to continue doing the work they do to provide the support needed to move forward.

LEOIDV - Law Enforcement Officer Involved Domestic Violence
Ms. Maria [Brame] DiGiovanni - UFL Ambassador, Director
A Division of FoRe! focusing on Raising Awareness and
Promoting Education specifically addressing the sensitive
issue of domestic violence committed by law-enforcement

Trinity Wellness™
Complete Wellness from the inside out! 
Ms. Becky Phillips - NFA Ambassador Candidate, Director
A Division of FoRe! focusing on Healthy Living - Fitness & Beauty.

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The Union FoRe! Kids

FoRe! Kids
Mrs. Katy Driskill - CA Ambassador, Founder/Director 
A Division of FoRe! dedicated to helping today's
youth understand the impact their actions have
on humanity and the environment. 
 You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.


Raising Awareness * Elevating & Empowering * Promoting Education
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