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International FoRe! Association
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PLAYERS - Ambassadors/Guardians
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Elevating Leadership - Raising Awareness - Promoting Education - Seeking Justice

Physical – Emotional – Sexual – Verbal - Drug – Alcohol – Mental – Domestic - Spiritual  Is "Abuse" really the problem? Or is it merely the symptom of a very hurt soul?  "Abuse" in of itself is not a bad word. However, what becomes of it. . . is. abuse v. 1: To use wrongly or improperly; misuse

And, if we encourage a child to dream, but they can not easily obtain the things needed to make those dreams come true. . . Isn’t that abusive to a child's future and to our own?  
Who is our own biggest abuser? Could it be the one staring back at us in the mirror?  Pain is usually all the same = It hurts. But what if we looked past the pain and on to the Passion?

All of these questions and more were asked by the Staff Members of FoRe! And, Beyond the Green is where Our Passion was found.

We all have in us the potential to understand the Passion, which was given to us before we were born, as a gift.  We encourage you to continue on and train for the game. As together, we help, '1' child’s soul at a time. . . learn and achieve their Passion NOW.  Even the child within.

Raising Awareness * Elevating & Empowering * Promoting Education
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