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Lady Maria DiGiovanni, DCSH
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Ms. DiGiovanni started on a healing journey in January 2000, from Law Enforcement Officer Involved Domestic Violence, eventually teaching others how to heal their self-esteem.  And, even though she was working through her own DV issues, the door to her Child Sexual Abuse, she chose to remain closed. 

In April 2005, that door opened as the man Ms. DiGiovanni had been dating did not take her NO for an answer, yet with the rape came a freedom to be able to speak up for all who have been silenced by abuse; especially the child within. 

Now, a National Speaker for RAINN - Rape Abuse Incest National Network, CEO of ‘FoRe! International', and Dame Commander in The Order of Saint Helen , Ms. DiGiovanni is passionate about people overcoming trauma and thriving. "I am not a therapist nor want to be, but just a simple woman, daring everyday to walk in my healing as an example FoRe! ‘1’ who has been silenced by abuse." 

Did You Know? ‘1' in 3 females have been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in their lifetime.  Did You Know?  We can be our own biggest abuser simply because removing a victim from the abuse does not end the issues?  The ‘misuse’ must be removed from the soul = all you think, want, & feel.

FoRe! is dedicated to locking arms and joining voices for children of all ages silenced by abuse.

Division Director
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Investiture - The Order of Constantine the Great & of St. Helen 5.31.09

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'A Voice foRe! 1'
Maria DiGiovanni
CEO, foRe! Beyond the Green

National Speaker FoRe! RAINN

The Orange County Register
Bill would put O.C. on sex offender map. A measure to prohibit sex offenders
from living in counties with prisons would have local repercussions.

A 1998 National Violence Against Women Survey found that 76 percent of female rape victims were assaulted by their husbands, roommates or dates.
Ninety percent of rape victims under the age of 12 knew their assailant, according to a 1997 study by the U.S. Department of Justice.

"It isn't the ones that are lurking that are the problem. It's the ones in our homes," said Maria DiGiovanni, 40, of Newport Beach, who was raped last year by a man she was dating. The experience triggered memories of previous sexual assaults when she was a child. 
DiGiovanni said she opposes Florez's bill because it could convince residents the sex offender problem is solved.

"Instead of putting them in one place, we need to come to the understanding they’re every place," she said. "Moving perpetrators is just a quick fix."

Full Story:

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As a survivor, I often wondered what other survivors looked like, since perpetrators and shame, use our silence to keep us from talking to 1 another.  My dreams and purpose are being birthed as I'm finally able to see my own reflection moving from being a survivor, to overcoming the effects of Domestic-Sexual abuse. Hi! My name is Maria. Welcome to FoRe! Beyond the Green International Ministries.  Please take the time to checkout the information here.  Everything is FoRe! A Purpose!  If you are in crisis: Please call RAINN @ 1 800 656 HOPE.  Take good care and know you are not alone.

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