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'1 IN 3' Fashions inspired by:
Inspired by Artist: Jonathon Earl Bowser
Jonathon Earl Bowser

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Fashions foRe! a Cause
'1 IN 3'
Fashion & Accessory Designer Program
Around the world, at least 1 in every 3 women has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime. 
Proceeds from the sale of all FoRe! Fashions are dedicated
 to raising awareness by promoting education f
our Charity TEAMs through our Ambassadors.
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Miss Randi Slusher
FoRe! Events Director

Why FoRe! Fashions exists. . . 
You can overcome a lot of things in life. But, sexual abuse, can feel like a deadly legacy left behind by someone who made a choice for your life, having a lasting consequence = memories; which are survived - in order to thrive, everyday. Helping those to establish a peaceful working relationship with those memories, promoting the welfare of those who seek help, is the goal of both, "1 IN 3" ™ and "Fashions FoRe! a Cause". FoRe! the little ' 1 ' in all of us.

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FoRe! Fashions is a place where Designers come together to create incredible designs and accessories to showcase at our Fashions FoRe! A Cause Events and through our Ambassadors while also building up our '1 IN 3' lable. 

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1 IN 3 Fashions FoRe! A Cause

Raising Awareness * Elevating & Empowering * Promoting Education
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